Two Informational Reports Published - Indexing: An Alternative Approach and Robo-Advisors: Emerging Trends for Individual Investors

San Mateo, California - October 3, 1 2016 -- Summit Financial Advisors empowers individual investors to create thoughtful investment strategies and comprehensive financial plans by presenting two free reports. The topics include timely information about seeking to improve passive investing strategies through fundamental indexing and utilizing automated investment tools to create more efficient portfolios.  

A New Offering - The SF Portfolio Strategies

San Mateo, California - May 2, 1 2016 -- Summit Financial Advisors, a San Francisco Bay Area based financial planning and investment management firm, has introduced its technology-driven asset management program, the “SF Portfolio Strategies.”  The program provides for a sophisticated, automated and technology-based experience in an effort to minimize costs and optimize portfolio performance.

Mark Pietrofesa celebrates 20th Anniversary as a CFP®

San Mateo, California - July, 1 2014 -- Mark Pietrofesa, founding member of Summit Financial Advisors, celebrates his 20th Anniversary as a CFP®  license holder.  The Certified Financial Planner (CFP® ) designation is a professional certification mark for financial planners conferred by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.  Although many professionals may call themselves “financial planners,” CFP® professionals have completed extensive training and experience requirements and are held to rigorous ethical standards.  

A Milestone - The First 5 Years of Giving

San Mateo, California - December 24, 2013 -- Summit Financial Advisors, LLC celebrates five years of donations to charities in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In lieu of a holiday gift to clients, the firm makes donations on behalf of those clients to a variety of local organizations.  

“During the economic downturn in 2008, the financial needs of these organizations were overwhelming,“ said Rafael Velez, Managing Director.  “We wanted to support these local causes in the difficult and important work that they do...and the reaction from our clients has been incredible.”

Financial Planning Team at Summit select GoalGamiPro

San Mateo, California - January 3, 2012 -- Summit Financial Advisors, a California-based financial planning and investment management firm, has added GoalGamiPro to their suite of financial planning tools. 

The application provides the power and insight from the Goal-Driven Investing paradigm to their clients through a new and innovative approach to financial planning.  With its focus on the household balance sheet, it points directly at the most common client inquiries: 

What is my plan?  Can I afford my goals?  How do I pay for retirement?

LPL Financial Goes Public, Listed on the NASDAQ

New York, NY - November 18, 2010 -- LPL Investment Holdings Inc., parent company of independent broker-dealer LPL Financial Corporation, today announced that LPL common stock has commenced trading on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the ticker symbol "LPLA."  

To celebrate the first day of trading for the Company's stock, Mark Casady, LPL chairman and chief executive officer, rang today's opening bell on the NASDAQ Stock Market.

Summit advisory team attends the annual Charles Schwab IMPACT conference

Las Vegas, Nevada - October 29, 2007 -- Marking the 20th anniversary of Schwab Institutional, every advisor of the firm attended the four-day event held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. The annual event is the largest of its kind in the industry and attracted over 3,800 registered investment advisors from across the country. The educational content covers virtually every area of importance for the industry such as investment management, compliance, technology and practice management. It offers continuing education for both certified financial planners and certified public accountants.

Summit Financial Advisors, LLC moves its main office

San Mateo, California - July 1, 2007 -- Summit Financial moved its offices to a new location in the Borel Financial Center to accommodate the growth of additional advisory and service staff. Working closely with the Borel Estate Company, a unique space was designed in January 2007 and delivered in June 2007.

“The size of our staff has grown along with the number of clients we serve and assets we manage”, said Rafael Velez, Managing Director of Summit Financial Advisors. “Our new space will allow us to meet with more clients throughout the day and to add more professionals to our advisory and service teams as necessary.”

Rafael Velez earns the Accredited Investment Fiduciary designation (AIF®)

San Mateo, California – October 17, 2006 –- Rafael Velez has been awarded the Accredited Investment Fiduciary designation by The Center for Fiduciary Studies.  The Accredited Investment Fiduciary program is designed to provide investment stewards, investment advisors, and investment managers with the knowledge needed to enhance their understanding of and enable them to implement a prudent investment process.

“This demonstrates Raf’s exceptional commitment to the stewardship of client assets”, said Mark Pietrofesa, Director of Financial Planning.  “The firm and its clients will benefit immensely from our disciplined investment process.”

Summit Financial Advisors announces a Partnership with the Golub Group

San Mateo, California - September 1, 2006 -- Summit Financial Advisors, a San Mateo based wealth management firm for individuals, has formed a strategic relationship with the Golub Group, an investment management firm for high net-worth individuals and institutional clients. 

The Golub Group will be accessed through the Schwab Institutional Marketplace platform and includes Equity Income and Balanced investment portfolios. The accounts are managed by a team of financial services veterans using the firm’s highly-disciplined investment process that seeks to create wealth by managing risk first. The accounts recently earned a “Top Guns” ranking by Informa Investment Solutions, a leading provider of performance measuring and reporting services for institutional investors.

Mark Pietrofesa admitted to the Paladin Registry

San Mateo, California - July 15, 2006 -- Paladin announced that Mark Pietrofesa has been awarded a five star rating and been admitted to the Paladin Registry.

The Registry is an online service that documents and validates the credentials of high quality financial professionals who rank in the top 10% of their profession. Investors use this free service to find, evaluate, and select advisors who have the knowledge and ethics to help them achieve their financial goals.