Mark Pietrofesa admitted to the Paladin Registry

San Mateo, California - July 15, 2006 -- Paladin announced that Mark Pietrofesa has been awarded a five star rating and been admitted to the Paladin Registry.

The Registry is an online service that documents and validates the credentials of high quality financial professionals who rank in the top 10% of their profession. Investors use this free service to find, evaluate, and select advisors who have the knowledge and ethics to help them achieve their financial goals.

Jack Waymire, Paladin founder and author of Who’s Watching Your Money? The 17 Paladin Principles for Selecting a Financial Advisor said this website solves three major problems for investors who rely on financial professionals. “First, advisors don’t have documented track records. They compete with credentials, when they have them, and sales skills when they don’t. Because individuals don’t want sales reps investing their assets, they need a way to select advisors with the best credentials. Second, investors have trouble finding competent professionals they can trust. Advisors who call them are usually sales reps and the professionals who have the knowledge to help them do very limited marketing. Third, it’s not enough for investors to find someone they hope is an expert. They need proof the advisors are every bit as good as they say they are. That’s what the Registry does. It documents the credentials and integrity of advisors, then validates the documentation with a rating.”

Waymire acknowledged that Paladin admittance requirements are designed to exclude bad advisors. His company’s independent documentation of advisor credentials and integrity reduces the number even further. The result is a directory of high quality professionals that’s the first to provide the following combination of services:

• High admittance standards that protect investors from bad advisors;

• A quality rating for each advisor that validates competence, integrity and risk of bad advice;

• Online access to documentation for professional credentials;

• Full disclosure for compliance records, compensation, expenses, and potential conflicts of interest;

• Advisor agreements that put investor interests first

About Summit Financial Advisors:

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About Paladin Registry, LLC
Paladin is an information services company that provides free profiles, ratings, and education services over the Internet to investors who rely on investment advisors to achieve their financial goals. Paladin services help investors avoid bad advisors and select competent, trustworthy professionals who provide high quality wealth management services. Visit our website for additional information.