Financial Planning Team at Summit select GoalGamiPro

San Mateo, California - January 3, 2012 -- Summit Financial Advisors, a California-based financial planning and investment management firm, has added GoalGamiPro to their suite of financial planning tools. 

 The application provides the power and insight from the Goal-Driven Investing paradigm to their clients through a new and innovative approach to financial planning.  With its focus on the household balance sheet, it points directly at the most common client inquiries: 

  What is my plan?  Can I afford my goals?  How do I pay for retirement?

“We sought to connect financial planning and investment planning,” said Neal Ringquist, president and chief operating officer of Advisor Software Inc., the creator of GoalGamiPro.  “The household balance sheet is used as a measuring stick for the health of the household,” he said. “It's a diagnostic tool that can help an adviser develop a plan for a client both pre- and post-retirement.”

“The Household Balance Sheet is an effective way to capture a snapshot of the entire financial picture of the household.  It aids with an initial diagnosis of the affordability of our client’s goals,” said Mark Pietrofesa, Certified Financial Planner with the firm.  “GoalGamiPro also has a cash flow analysis to help us understand how our clients can pay for retirement and other important goals.”



Summit Financial Advisors, LLC is a SEC Registered Investment Adviser providing private account and wealth management services to clients in Northern California and across the country. Founded in 1998, the firm combines a total wealth management approach to financial planning strategies with a disciplined asset management program. Customized financial planning strategies and investment portfolios are constructed to each client’s unique situation.