Life is about more than money. Yet money is an important resource that if managed correctly, can provide the foundation for the life that you envision. Our Private Client group is a resource designed to help you build a financial strategy, a road map that is in line with your values. Beginning with your unique values, our team of financial professionals wants to help you align what's important to you about life, with what's important to you about money. We help people like you build on your successes and work towards your goals by using your values as an anchor.

We use a confidential process that helps us discover your goals, and the values you use when making day-to-day and major decisions. We craft a written financial strategy designed around your unique values, to help you work towards your goals. What would your life be like if you had a financial strategy that was based on what was truly important to you, where your investments, insurance and real estate were working in concert to help meet your goals?

As a client, your advisor will monitor and evaluate the overall performance in your various account strategies, being certain your specific plan objectives are being met. By utilizing the latest technology, our systems provide portfolio wide tax, holdings and performance reporting. By combining all of your various investment holdings into a daily report, you and your advisor are able to obtain a truly holistic view of your investment program.

Summit Financial Advisors serves successful individuals and families who expect excellence and have made a firm commitment to working towards it themselves. In general, the people who benefit most from our services tend to fit the following description:

  • They want to spend more time on the things that are important to them.
  • They have goals, values, or purposes that require money to achieve.
  • They believe there is more to life than money, and want to give something back.
  • They are often experiencing a transition event such as retirement, job change, divorce or inheritance.
  • They seek competent, trustworthy professionals for advice.
  • They have at least $250,000 of investable assets.

They care about family, friends, community or something other than themselves. They want to simplify their lives by surrounding themselves with trusted advisors who share their values.

Do you prefer a "Custom-Made" investment portfolio or technology-driven portfolio strategies?